Madonna Tour 2016

The treat of this stars show doesn’t come around too often. Several years have passed since the last time we saw her performing in person. Lucky for all of us fans though she has finally decided to reemerge and put on some of the best live concerts around! This is your chance to see the Madonna tour 2016 up close and personal. She just started playing her shows recently. If you want to buy tickets, you definitely shouldn’t wait. As time goes on, and dates draw nearer and nearer, the prices will only go higher. Take a look at the list of dates below, we have every one of her shows, and will update the list immediately if new dates are announced.

The name of her 2015 and 2016 live shows is the rebel hearts tour. She isn’t going out on the road alone though, she will have several opening acts. The first of which is the extremely funny female comedian Amy Schumer. She will also have musician Diplo accompanying her during her shows. The reason for Madonna going on another series of live shows is simple, she just recently put out another hit CD, and she is going out to support her new album.

So far, the price of tickets for her concerts is already extremely high. You’ll have an extremely hard time finding an average ticket price below $300 per seat at the moment. Of course if you want to sit up in the nosebleeds, the prices are relatively affordable. For those who want to get a good look at this pop queen though you are going to be parting with a good chunk of your hard earned cash. So far she has announced shows in 35 places. She is going to start her shows by playing some concerts in North America. You can expect to see her traveling around America and Canada all the way until this leg is over in October.

Once she is done with her North American leg, it’s the European fans that get the privilege of seeing this pop star in person. Once she tracks all over Europe, she will finish up her European leg in the UK. She will begin her European dates starting in November, and the final shows of this leg will be taking place in December. So if you live in Europe you will have two solid months to be able to see the Madonna tour 2016, so you’ve got no excuses. She will take a small break at this point, but she won’t be resting for long.

It’s at this point that she is going to be visiting several countries overseas. With the success of her tours only growing, it makes sense to add additional locations that she has never been to before as fans there are extremely eager to see her perform. Her concerts back in 2012 that she dubbed her MDNA tour, brought in a ton of cash for the star. Overall her shows raked in over 300 million bucks. This was thanks to her fans purchasing 2 million tickets plus, and the pop diva singing her heart out in just shy of 90 locations. She was the top-selling act of the entire year of 2012!

This shows that she played in 2008 throughout 2009 also proved to be extremely profitable. Her sticky and Sweet tour has been one of her biggest earners to date. These shows grossed more than $400 million, and she was well on the way to approaching 4 million tickets sold. Out of all the female artists in history, Madonna holds the record for largest tour by a female artist thanks to this very tour.